David Osimo has 20 years of experience as advisor on Information Society and Innovation Policies, inside and outside government, at local and international level (Open Evidence, Tech4i2 ltd, European Commission Joint Research Centre, IPTS, Regione Emilia-Romagna).

David is able to combine research and practitioners skills. As a researcher, he is mostly known for his pioneering work on web 2.0 in government and science, on which he has advised the European Commission and the United Nations Development programe.

He has also published articles on e-government, future science, research and innovation policy and ICT statistics and he is an experienced keynote speaker at high-level events such as Ministerial Conferences and the Digital Agenda Assembly.

As a hacker, he has created web platforms for policy-making (CommentNeelie.eu, Daeimplementation.eu, and the Grand Coalition Pledge Tracker) and inducement prizes for innovation (iMinds INCA awards and Ideamocracy.it).

David blogs at http://egov20.wordpress.com and tweets @osimod.

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