alex-sala Alex Sala

Alex Sala, graduated in Telecommunications Engineering by La Salle, has also master’s degree in Comunication and Infornation Tecnologies Management at La Salle. As a head of client applications Area and project IT Manager in Abertis Telecom during  the past 8 years he has been participating in high number of interesting projects and involved in all the processes related.

Now, he is also involved in the iCity project as a Work Package 4 Leader. The iCity project, aims at making a step forward in the co-creation of public interest services by third parties using public ICT systems. Work package 4 is responsible for the overall platform integration and technical testing, extensible also to settle down the basis and development of the required basic apps to support a number of public services.

Adaptation to each city technological conditions and infrastructures is basic to survival project as well as giving developers access to a platform capable of satisfying the needs of access to information.”

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