“Thinking about…. Opening data?

Collaborating with 3rd parties in co-create public services?

Squeezing your brain in order to have more public services with less budget?

Developing a control layer to manage the access to your internal systems?

Thinking how to harmonize the access of your systems?”


ICity Project is an European project to make easier the opening of Governments’ ICT infrastructures (information systems) and offer them to third parties to develop services of public interest.

The main deliverables are a software platform that manages this access; an engagement methodology to enrol developers; a community formed by cities, infrastructures’ owners and developers (SME).

ICity Project make a call to Governments, that want go further in open data and want co-create services with third parties. To Managers of Information Systems, that are opening up processes and want to foster their use, but want to control this access. To Developers (SME), that want to create new services and need the access to public IT infrastructures.

For all these reasons is the best moment to celebrate the ICityCamp.

It will be an international event about iCity Project, that it will hold in Barcelona on Friday, November, 14th and Saturday, November, 15th.

The main goal of the iCity Camp is to join all stakeholders of the iCity (governments, developers, enterprises, experts, etc.) in a same place during two days.

The purpose is to achieve discussions and developments of new services using iCity Platform. To show the progress and the whole range of possibilities of this project to the European Reviewers and Officers of iCity Project.